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How I Plan to Make 60 Eco-Changes in Two Months!

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Photo by Milena Russell Photography via flickr As someone who often aims to educate others about how to live in an eco-friendly fashion, I know that it is best to lead by example. As such, I’d like to announce to the online community that I will be performing an mini...

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America: Land of Opportunity (to get cancer)

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"Moving to America will increase your cancer risk by 400%." In a recent Ted Talk, Robyn O'Brien (author of “The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It.”) recently shared her insight as to why moving to America will increase your cancer...

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Company in Portland Makes High-Tech Underwear for the Eco-Conscious Man

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Photo via Eco-Under In the age of environmentally conscious living, most of us by now have learned the importance of recycling along with reducing and reusing. We learn the easy steps of placing bottles in recycle bins and choosing a bicycle over a car whenever possible. From...

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“Aging Reactors and Extreme Weather: A Dangerous Combination”

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Photo by Abode of Chaos via flickr Since Japan’s nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant, Western nations have been taking stock of their own nuclear power plants. But while Germany effectively halted the creation of new plants, the United States chose to forge...

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The Green Republican!

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More on Republicans and the Environment From Planetsave: ("Super") Bob Inglis (featured in the cartoon) Forming Conservative Coalition to Address Climate Change – Calls for a Return to True Conservatism From The Daily Green: The 10 Biggest Republican Environmental...

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Who Is Accountable For Environmental Apathy?

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Photo by hill.josh via flickr June 17 marked the anniversary of Representative Joe Barton’s public apology to BP. Barton felt that the public outrage at the corporation responsible for the Gulf oil spill was an overreaction. And he was not alone. Along with Speaker of...

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Protect Your Skin and The Planet This Summer!

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Photo via Ecō Logical Skin Care Summer has arrived! As everyone makes their way to the local beach, pool or water park, sunscreen is usually in tow. For the eco-conscious individual Ecō Logical Skin Care has created an all natural sunscreen that provides the same protection...

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Barbie’s Rainforest Packaging

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You'd think a toy company like Mattel would have the foresight to realize they'd eventually be called out on this, (Thank you, Greenpeace!) as well as the money and knowledge to make their packaging from something a bit less middle-finger-to-the-world-esque...say, recycled...

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Can’t Drink Gas. Can’t Drink Taxes.

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Photo by Donna Kohut Activists gathered at Pennsylvania’s capitol building on Tuesday, June 7 to spread awareness of the dangers of hydraulic fracturing and to discuss the direction of the movement. It is considered to be the largest rally of its kind held at the capitol...

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In Defense of Crap

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More on the school lunches From Grist: Down with healthy school lunches, says House GOP From GOOD: Infographic: School Cafeteria Food vs. Prison Food More on Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) From Daily Kos: GOP congressman repeatedly denies evolution on Real Time with Bill...

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