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God’s Response to Rick Perry

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Besides the fact that the cloud is part of the joke and that they are ever-malleable to make into giant middle finngers, the cloud is also in the cartoon, as God, to symbolize the fact that God clouds the minds and muddles the judgement of the Christian base. I just...

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When Two Tribes Go To War: Integrating New Hens Into Your Established Flock

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Photo of new chicken, Clara, by Jo Barlow As any owner of ex-batts will tell you, you can never have enough ex-batt hens. These quirky girls are completely addictive and your first flock will no doubt quickly double or treble in size with your new additions. Eighteen...

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Sugru: Become a Fixing Wizard

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Photo by Pete Prodoel via flickr I really love Sugru. Seriously, it's incredible. Have you tried it? Because you should. It's like blue tac, mixed with super glue and a bit of Playdough (not literally of course). It can fix anything. It's waterproof, dishwasher proof,...

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Kern County’s Contamination

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Photo by Great Valley Center via flickr Much of the discussion about contaminated water centers around fracking in the Marcellus Shale formation. But in an article in Orion from February, Jeremy Miller called attention to the amount of water used to distribute oil and tar...

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Got Milk: The Real Story!

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Photo by Wylie Maercklein via flickr In a country filled with genetically modified foods, it is hard to distinguish which foods are good for us and which foods are not. On one hand, we have organic foods at almost double the cost of non-organic, and on the other we have food...

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La Bella Figura: Luxurious Eco-Friendly Beauty Products for the Face

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With summer quickly fading and colder weather in the not-so-distant future, it is time to start thinking about one of fall’s most feared accessories. Dry skin. Luckily, for the sake of eco-conscious divas far and wide, a Chicago-based company has come to our rescue. La Bella...

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Darwin’s Finches, Part Two: Speciation in Fanged Frogs in Sulawesi

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Photo of fanged frog by Rafe M. Brown In ecology, there are many factors that contribute to the number of species in an area. One idea is that the more space there is, the more opportunity for more species to exist. But Ben Evans and scientists from McMaster University...

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Deep Green Resistance: A New Vision for a Sustainable World

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Photo by Donna Kohut Three environmental activists recently published a book calling for a more militant, uncompromising movement to save the planet. In Deep Green Resistance Derrick Jensen, Aric McBay, and Lierre Keith challenge the current movement’s mainstream efforts...

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Michelle Bachmann’s Lights are on but Nobody’s Home

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More on Michelle "Crazy B" Bachmann From Grist: Bachmann pledges to have the EPA’s ‘doors locked and lights turned off’ From Bill Maher: 'New Rule' (video clip) on Bachmann and Palin Grist again: GOP attacks the EPA for doing its job From Thinkprogress: 10 Of The...

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Climb Every Mountain: How Helping Battery Hens Can Be An Uphill Struggle

Climb Every Mountain: How Helping Battery Hens Can Be An Uphill Struggle

By | August 9, 2011 at 3:29 pm | 2 comments

Photo of Beaky by Emma Osborne According to recent media reports, Britain has gone from a nation of shopkeepers to a nation of chicken keepers. Some 700,000 of us Brits are apparently enjoying the delights of keeping hens. The British Hen Welfare Trust has had a hectic media...

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