Canal Prayer

By | February 6, 2011 at 1:18 pm | No comments

Photo by M. R. Wilson

O power and process that ignite stars,

whose same light glows in loving eyes,

enfold us this day in your grace.

We are your begotten

sprung from the Earth,

enlivened with Spirit,

forged in your Mystery.

I’ve felt you overwhelmingly;

it’s easier now, knowing

those moments:

concentric rippling circles

my lover’s quickening warmth

a gallinule sipping breakfast

holiness all around us.

You are the light that plays green

in wax myrtles,

a kingfisher’s ratcheting cry,

the buoyancy of warblers,

the trust of metamorphosis,

the time and trial

required to shape

the gentle downward sweep

of ibis beaks,

the forgiveness of greyhounds,

and irrevocable poetic license.


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