A Super Green Way to be Clean

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With a touch of all-natural tingling peppermint and no harsh chemicals, Super Body Care’s line of body products are sure to win you over organically.

Super Body Care’s products are the green alternative to antibacterials, with the same effect minus the harsh chemicals that other products may contain. They use a unique blend of peppermint, tea tree, rosemary and lavender which helps restore natural order to the skin. I’m a big fan of all four natural scents, the peppermint provides that natural tingle that make your skin feel stimulated, the tea tree oil is incredibly healthy and helps with skin blemishes, and the rosemary and lavender have a great calming effect.

Super Body Care started out in the sports demographic with their focus on gaining credibility with the performance of their nature based products in unsanitary athletic environments. One of their newest products, The Body Spray, along with The Body Wipe have changed the antibacterial game by using all natural products and only 30% of alcohol to kill viruses like e.Coli, staph and ringworm fungus.

In the shower, I really enjoy their Walnut Scrub. An invigorating gel filled with all natural tiny bits of ground up walnut shells to exfoliate. This product left my skin feeling smooth and healthy. I also like the fact that I wasn’t using a synthetic product to exfoliate. Their 100% natural soap bar with loofah bits is another alternative to the Walnut Scrub. And if you are looking for a Paraben, Sulfate and DEA free shower gel to stick in your favorite loofah, they have that too. Follow up your shower with their organic and Paraben free lotion and you’ve had the Super Body Care experience.

To round out their products, Super Body Care also has the Deodorizor, a concentrated form of their all-natural formula contained in a glass tube within a mess-free packet. Stick this in your car, gym bag or dresser drawer to keep things smelling fresh without the fake smells of those terrible air fresheners.
Super Body Care is fresh, all-natural and easy on the skin.

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