Art Made from Discarded Clothing

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Art by Guerra de la Paz via

The average American produces 29 pounds of waste in one week. While most of this waste is generally in the form of (often compostable) trash, a small percentage of clothing makes its way to landfills where it can take years to biodegrade.

Two artists have found a way to take used articles of clothing, which have grown to represent the mass-produced refuse of our society today, and turn them into eye-catching art.

Guerra de la Paz is a name that represents the team efforts of Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz – both Cuban born artists who live and work in Miami, Florida and have been collaborating since 1995.

They take clothing, which has been used and discarded, and transform the pieces into petal-like sculptures of bold, creative remnants of chic yesteryears.

Via: Guerra de la Paz


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