Barefoot Friendly Beaches Could Be on the Horizon

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Photo by Deanpamus via flickr

For over fifteen years Barefoot Wine has been an active partner with Surfrider Foundation in saving our coastlines. But five years ago Barefoot decided that they could take it a step further and created their own foundation, Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project in coordination with Surfrider. Their mission is straightforward: to keep the world’s beaches “barefoot friendly.”

Just in the last three years, Barefoot has held more than 75 beach cleanups, removed more than two tons of trash and hosted more than 2,000 volunteers. And Barefoot is great about rewarding their volunteers after the cleanup with what they do best, wine and bubbly. In addition to making great quality wine, Barefoot is passionate about giving back to the local community — whether it’s the beaches of Hawaii to the shores of the East Coast, where they have hosted beach cleanups.

Richard and Judith Lang’s piece, Oval Left

Barefoot has also produced One Beach, a film to inspire and promote clean beaches and oceans. It emphasizes the creativity, optimism and fun at work on our coasts around the world. Over the summer they filmed six people who displayed the power of a single person’s actions. This film reinforces the idea that, if we all made one small change to our lives what a huge impact we would have on the world as a whole. For instance, Barefoot highlights Richard and Judith Lang, who have been cleaning up Kehoe Beach, CA for the last 11 years. Richard and Judith take it a step further by taking beach debris and turning into beautiful pieces of art, including the piece above and a trophy fish in neon colors that is made entirely out of plastic bottle caps. What may look like beach trash can be turned into treasures — it’s all in perspective. Another highlight is Tim Silverwood, and Australian environmentalist and surfer who, along with some friends, had the simple idea of picking up three pieces of beach trash every time you leave the ocean. This small idea turned into what is now non-profit Take 3, A Clean Beach Initiative.

Watch One Beach

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Interested in being inspired by One Beach? Check out their facebook page. For more information on volunteer opportunities go here.


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