Brauer Eco-Art: French Artist Designs Robots Using Industrial Remnants and Other Reclaimed Materials

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Since the 1960s robots have been built as tools to assist us with industrial projects that would allow for an increase in manufacturing affluence and consumerism. Idealistic and quadratic in shape, they have always been representative of a vague future where life would be easier in the shadow of their abundant, productive capacities.

Fast-forward to today and the very thing robotics was meant to assist us with, has now contributed to one of our biggest problems. We have become a culture of waste, where new is always better than old, and the materials that made up the once-beloved products we held so dear now sit quietly in a tomb of unwavering debris, as more of the same is manufactured and sold around it.

French artist, Brauer, is aware of this pattern and in the process of his artistic creation, takes the unwanted remains of robotically-birthed pieces from industries’ past and transforms them into the fantastical, universal image of the word robotics- the robot.

“In our modern world, where objects often have a single life, I aim at inventing a new existence for them by diverting them from their initial function.  I particularly like the robust appearance of used steel and industrial materials.  When I put them together, they start a new life as unique pieces of art, in which each component can tell its own story,” says Brauer.

He creates pieces that reflect the ever-lasting quality of consumer products, like steel and other sturdy components, by reinventing them. All of his robots include reclaimed, recycled materials and are equipped with low voltage light bulbs to continue his contribution to the preservation of the planet.

Through his creative process, Brauer has taken the old message that robotics can save us by producing more and has transformed them into novel, illuminant reminders of the discarded, functional beauty that lay right before us.

You can see Brauer’s other work, such as energy efficient lamp pieces titled, “Taxi,” “Candle” and “Ernest,” HERE.

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  1. SavvyGreenie (7 years ago)

    I want one! Will ecolutionist be holding an eco-robot contest? 😉

  2. Candice Lindsey (7 years ago)

    These are really cool and creative. What a neat use for things that would otherwise be sitting in a landfill.

  3. jerome /teyssier (6 years ago)

    Behind the wall of industial purpose the humain dream again
    thank /jer


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