A Special Thanks to Tim DeChristopher

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Pollute our air and water, leave SuperFund sites uncleaned, leave brownfields scattered around the country, and greatly contribute to climate change and you're a billionaire. Try to prevent any of this and it's 10 years in prison... Thank you, Tim. More on Tim...

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Cartoon Caption Contest Winner!

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[caption id="attachment_5245" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Sorry, Frosty. We honestly believed our tweets about climate change would work."][/caption] Thanks for all of the great captions! The 4 finalists were: Robert Buckley - Sorry, Frosty. We honestly believed...

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Loaded Breasts and Loaded Guns

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More on Breasts and Guns From Grist: Palin and Bachmann trash Michelle Obama’s breast-feeding advocacy From CNN: Palin defends rule allowing loaded weapons in national parks From EcoChildsPlay: Posts on breastfeeding From Mother Nature Network: More on...

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Exposed: Why the GOP Wants to Eliminate Clean Air Act Provisions

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Whether we can believe this see-through-elephant-trunk footage or not, the possibility that elephants have a triple fitration system within their trunks has to have some credence. Otherwise, why on earth would leading Republicans try to make it easier for big polluters to...

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Treehugging Apples Fighting for Their Trees

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The rest of Joe Mohr's cartoons, and cartoon updates and other green news on Twitter...

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Mixed Message from USDA Chief Vilsack

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US Ag Secretary, Tom Vilsack tells us to eat more natural foods a few days after fully deregulating GMO alfalfa...I'm confused. Confused as well? Read the links below and try to figure out this mess. From The New York Times: Government’s Dietary Advice: Eat Less From...

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BREAKING: Deleted Monsanto Cartoon Panel, Leaked!

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Unlike the former Monsanto cartoon on this subject, this version shows a bit more clearly who surrendered the future of organic agriculture to Monsanto. There's been a lot of talk from both sides (organic and biotech) about compromise. That is misleading and almost laughable...

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Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin’s Lifeguard

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Ronald Reagan killed the Fairness Doctrine, thus spawning the one-sided, fear-mongering, bs-fest that is Rush Limbaugh and inevitably, FOX News. Now I think I see why Palin called him "America's lifeguard" (referring, of course, to Sarah Palin's America). Wondering what the...

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