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A Trip to Paris to Steal a Sustainable Idea

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After being together for almost 2 and a half years, my boyfriend W and I finally took our first proper holiday together last month. For four wonderful days we went to Paris. We took the Eurostar over (or should that be under?) from London, and stayed in a great little...

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Hell & Lula: Being Green is “Thexy”

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Los Angeles-based band, Hell & Lula, are not just on a mission to make great music - they want to make a difference. Their strives towards environmentalism are making airwaves on a grassroots level, as the band shows that it’s “thexy” to go green. I interviewed the...

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Universal Pictures’ The Lorax Misses the Environmental Mark

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Photo by Glowingrock via flickr Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax has been made into a motion picture, set to enter theatres this Friday, March 2. Being an all-time fan of this book, and loving the environmental messages that come from this cute and heartwarming story, I must say that...

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Apple’s New Eco-Futurist Building

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Apple’s vision of always being forward thinking is not only affecting their products but now it is affecting their offices, as they accelerate their plans to build the most state-of-the-art eco-friendly office building to date. The late Steve Jobs presented plans to the...

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Worms: Round II

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So my foray into the world of wormeries didn't go quite to plan. In my over-excitment I grossly overfed them in the first few weeks. Bewildered by the vast amount of food being heaped on them they panicked and buried themselves into the soil, refusing to eat a thing...

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Pacha’s Pajamas Shares Messages from Nature with Malia and Sasha Obama

By | February 13, 2012 at 8:57 pm | 2 comments

Pacha’s Pajamas, a new musical story about a little girl named Pacha who saves the environment with the help of the world’s plants and animals, and includes an illustrated book, soon-to-be-released album and upcoming "Nature SuperHero" app designed to bring music and...

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An Bountiful Eco Box

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It’s hard when you are busy with work, friends and family to always stay up on the latest eco-conscious items. Luckily, Conscious Box has your solution. Conscious Box is a monthly subscription service focusing on sustainability, environmental stewardship and social...

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Captain Charles Moore: The Seas of Plastic

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Photo by AbyssWriter via flickr This week, I had the pleasure of watching Capt. Charles Moore, founder of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation, talk about his journey with plastics in our ocean. Within minutes of his presentation, you couldn’t help but feel for this...

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Cress: A Rare Vegetable that Grows in the Dead of Winter

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For Christmas, W and I amassed quite a haul of stuff to make our balcony more exciting. From a wormery to a bird feeder, to a beautiful box of seeds and tips from Allotinabox. I even got a can with a sunflower seed in it. Eating locally just got a whole lot more...

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Lost Pathways to California Beaches

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Photo of private beach path in Malibu, CA by beachhouse.malibu via flickr California Coastal Commission members were surprised to find out that a large amount of Los Angeles County’s most desirable beaches were not being used by the public. In order to see what the problem...

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