2011 – Year of the Anti-Environment Congress

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Image by DonkeyHotey via flickr Based on a recent study of Congressional votes in 2011, there is no hope at all. 2011 is recorded as the most anti-environment Congressional year to date. And if the last 72 hours are any indication, this bill is sure to solidify this year’s...

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Big Coal Shaping Public School Education–Really!

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This cartoon was inspired by the Washington Post article, "Energy industry shapes lessons in public schools" Big Coal may be molding our youth with pro-coal propaganda, but worry not, Big Coal also offers a "green" video to teachers called “The Greening of Planet Earth,”...

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The Last U.S. Poll on Climate Change

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More on the U.S. public opinion on Climate Change From Grist: The frog and the polar bear: The real reasons Americans aren’t buying climate change From PlanetSave: UN Climate Negotiators Wrestle for an ‘Ideal’ Plan that Will Completely Screw Us From Ecopolitology:...

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Controversial Bill Reveals Attack on EPA

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Photo by Zieak via flickr A battle is raging on Capitol Hill over a bill that – among other things - would extend payroll tax cuts to 160 million American workers and extend unemployment benefits. Met with Republican opposition, provisions were added to the bill,...

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Study May End 30-Year Moratorium on Uranium Development

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Photo via flickr by Alberto OG Nuclear energy is touted as a green alternative to coal-fired power plants, as nuclear power plants release considerably lower emissions. The argument does not usually go much further than this. Soon, however, the state of Virginia will dig...

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A Great Betrayal or a Realistic Perspective: Dr. Patrick Moore’s Tar Sands Support

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Photo by Peter Essick Anti-tar sands activists coveted a major victory this week, as President Obama officially delayed the construction and approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, which would serve to bring oil directly from Canada’s Alberta Tar Sands to numerous...

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Earth at Risk: Video Interview with Derrick Jensen

Earth at Risk: Video Interview with Derrick Jensen

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Photo of Derrick Jensen On Sunday, November 13, Derrick Jensen is leading a day-long talk at Berkley University where environmental authors and changemakers will gather together to be interviewed in front of a live audience about crucial issues facing the state of the planet...

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An Eco-Friendly Movement is a Sustainable Movement

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Photo by David_Shankbone via flickr As Occupiers continue to fight Wall Street’s monopoly on wealth and democracy, they are creating the world they want to live in, from organizing committees to generating their own media. We must realize that the process of organizing...

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Coal “Mine”

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More on all things coal From Coal Mining: Top Recipients (and MUCH more) From Second Nature: Coal-Fired Plants Linked to Asthma (and the disprportionate amounts of coal-related asthma cases in the black community) From Grist: We could replace coal power...

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Koch Industries Makes Global Warming Go Away

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More on Those Crazy Kochs From ClimateProgress: The 1% Have a Stranglehold on Politics: New Al Jazeera Documentary Sheds Light on the Koch Brothers (watch the video) From ALECexposed: ALEC Exposed: The Koch Connection And this one's just funny--From ClimateProgress: Irony...

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