“Don’t Waste Your Food, There Are People Starving in Africa”

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Photo by eightfivezero via flickr I recently read a book called 'Waste' by Tristram Stuart. I found it in the Do The Green Thing office and flicked straight to the glossy pictures in the middle. Brightly coloured images jumped out at me that on closer inspection I found to...

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Toys discussing rainforest destruction…and nipples

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Greenpeace investigation shows Mattel, Disney, Hasbro, and Lego are all participating in rainforest destruction. Who's willing to change? As illustrated (pun!) in the cartoon, of the four major toy (etc) companies, only Lego has announced plans to mend their ways. For info on...

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Murdoch’s Media Monopoly Distorts Chilean Dam Controversy

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Photo by Hullivili via flickr The world was rocked last week by revelations of the scope of Rupert Murdoch’s media monopoly and its political power that stretches the globe. While building his infamous News Corporation, Murdoch acquired various television networks (Fox...

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South Sudan: A New Country With an Obligation to Protect Megafauna

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Group of giraffe in Badingilo National Park, South Sudan. Photo credit: © Paul Elkan/Wildlife Conservation Society. On Friday, July 9, 2011, history was made in the formation of South Sudan, a region that became a separated from its mother country, Sudan. With the split...

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Another Waterway Destroyed by our Oil Addiction

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Photo by jnewland via flickr Governor Schweitzer of Montana declared a state of emergency on Tuesday because of a pipeline that spewed crude oil into the Yellowstone River – the longest undammed river in the nation and one of the most pristine. The pipe broke last week...

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‘Thinking’ Like a Climate Skeptic

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More on the cooling sensation of coal emissions From Treehugger: Without China's Coal Burning The Hottest Decade On Record Would've Been Even Hotter From The Independent: China’s power stations generate ‘future spike’ in global warming From Grist: How to Talk to a...

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Fossil Fuel Industry Promises Rainbows and Dinosaurs

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Photo by Donna Kohut A coloring book published by the Canadian natural gas company, Talisman Energy is making headlines this week because it tells kids that unconventional mining of natural gas is clean, safe, and the American thing to do. And it spontaneously generates...

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“Aging Reactors and Extreme Weather: A Dangerous Combination”

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Photo by Abode of Chaos via flickr Since Japan’s nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant, Western nations have been taking stock of their own nuclear power plants. But while Germany effectively halted the creation of new plants, the United States chose to forge...

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Who Is Accountable For Environmental Apathy?

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Photo by hill.josh via flickr June 17 marked the anniversary of Representative Joe Barton’s public apology to BP. Barton felt that the public outrage at the corporation responsible for the Gulf oil spill was an overreaction. And he was not alone. Along with Speaker of...

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Can’t Drink Gas. Can’t Drink Taxes.

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Photo by Donna Kohut Activists gathered at Pennsylvania’s capitol building on Tuesday, June 7 to spread awareness of the dangers of hydraulic fracturing and to discuss the direction of the movement. It is considered to be the largest rally of its kind held at the capitol...

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