Big Coal Shaping Public School Education–Really!

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This cartoon was inspired by the Washington Post article, "Energy industry shapes lessons in public schools" Big Coal may be molding our youth with pro-coal propaganda, but worry not, Big Coal also offers a "green" video to teachers called “The Greening of Planet Earth,”...

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The Newest Oil Spill: Small Leaks in Russia Lead to Ecological Failure

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Photo by AntarticBoy via flickr We’ve all been reminded of the disastrous effects that the oil industry can have on our planet. Not only does it massively contribute to climate change, but spills and leaks can also cause ecological failures, further leading to the demise of...

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The Economics of Renewable Energy: Is Solar Energy a Wise Investment?

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Photo by ABBgroupmediarelations via flickr With oil pipelines being vehemently protested and delayed in both the US and Canada, and rural resistance to wind power staying strong, is solar energy the most economically efficient option for policy makers and investors?...

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Controversial Bill Reveals Attack on EPA

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Photo by Zieak via flickr A battle is raging on Capitol Hill over a bill that – among other things - would extend payroll tax cuts to 160 million American workers and extend unemployment benefits. Met with Republican opposition, provisions were added to the bill,...

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The Green Movement: Occupy Wall Street’s Biggest Ally

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Photo by compujeramey via flickr Occupy Wall Street inspired numerous satellite Occupations around the world. The movement is forcing Americans to reconsider the connection between capital and government. It is inspiring students, the unemployed, elderly, and middle class...

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A Great Betrayal or a Realistic Perspective: Dr. Patrick Moore’s Tar Sands Support

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Photo by Peter Essick Anti-tar sands activists coveted a major victory this week, as President Obama officially delayed the construction and approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, which would serve to bring oil directly from Canada’s Alberta Tar Sands to numerous...

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Earth at Risk: Video Interview with Derrick Jensen

Earth at Risk: Video Interview with Derrick Jensen

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Photo of Derrick Jensen On Sunday, November 13, Derrick Jensen is leading a day-long talk at Berkley University where environmental authors and changemakers will gather together to be interviewed in front of a live audience about crucial issues facing the state of the planet...

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Coal “Mine”

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More on all things coal From Coal Mining: Top Recipients (and MUCH more) From Second Nature: Coal-Fired Plants Linked to Asthma (and the disprportionate amounts of coal-related asthma cases in the black community) From Grist: We could replace coal power...

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Frackenstein: Have a Fracking Good Halloween

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Photo by Itmayers via flickr The battle over the natural gas potential in the Marcellus Shale (sedimentary rock that stretches from Ohio over to New Jersey and down to Virginia) has been long and hard. The process of hydraulic “fracking” involves injecting a cocktail...

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One, Two, Three Strikes You’re Green?

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Photo by Jimgumm via flickr Hey sports fans, ever thought how your favorite sports teams and the environment might go hand in hand? Surprisingly, the world of sports is beginning to give themselves a green makeover. In recent years, more sports stadiums, new and old, have...

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