A New Oceans Discovery: 1 Million Species (and A Lot of Plastic)

A New Oceans Discovery: 1 Million Species (and A Lot of Plastic)

By | October 2, 2012 at 10:57 am | One comment

Photo via Wikimedia Commons Last week, the results from a 2.5-year underwater expedition were revealed. The French vessel, Tara, has surfaced over one million newfound aquatic species – certainly a great feat for science and discovery! However, it’s important to...

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Go into theBlu for World Oceans Day

Go into theBlu for World Oceans Day

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Today is World Oceans Day, where people around the planet celebrate and honor the body of water which links us all. Some are celebrating by participating in beach clean-ups, others by organizing petitions, and some simply by celebrating the oceans' vitality and beauty. theBlue,...

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Don’t State the Facts, Tell An Environmental Story

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Photo by Solokom via flickr We’re all living life on the edge. Climate change has made it so that our weather patterns our becoming more and more unpredictable. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and other extreme events are more common than ever. They hold the power to destroy homes,...

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GMO-Tainted Blood Poisons Unwitting Vampires

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Get involved with to help get GMO labelling on the 2012 ballot in California. Success is California should portend success across the rest of the country. We could be the next France...or Hungary. Cartoonist's note: This image will soon be added to my...

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Sharks Eat Land Birds?!

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Photo by Alkok via flickr It is difficult to imagine sharks eating birds that do not associate with water, but they do. Not all sharks do; tiger sharks are one example. While route sampling off the coast of Alabama in 2009, Dauphin Island Sea Lab’s Markus Drymon caught a...

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“FUGMO”: The Anti-GMO Mascot

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Writers, Bloggers, Photographers, Cartoonists, please feel free to place the FUGMO seal of disapproval on any of your anti-GMO work. Readers, you are invited to add the seal to your avatar. FUGMO says: "F U, GMOs!" More on why you too should say F U to GMOs: From Grist: The...

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How Empathically the Animal Kingdom Works

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Photo by Noa Brandt via flickr Scientists recently conducted research on rats to see whether animals other than apes can perform selflessly. It is long observed that we inherit our empathy from our closely related apes and ape-like ancestors. Non-ape animals were not tested...

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The Newest Oil Spill: Small Leaks in Russia Lead to Ecological Failure

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Photo by AntarticBoy via flickr We’ve all been reminded of the disastrous effects that the oil industry can have on our planet. Not only does it massively contribute to climate change, but spills and leaks can also cause ecological failures, further leading to the demise of...

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Papua New Guinea Shows Us Why Small Can Be Beautiful

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Photo by Heal the Bay via flickr Balancing the employment needs of fishing communities with conservation concerns is a tricky task for many reasons—but the experience of a provincial initiative in Papua New Guinea offers valuable clues for success. Marine protected...

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Study May End 30-Year Moratorium on Uranium Development

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Photo via flickr by Alberto OG Nuclear energy is touted as a green alternative to coal-fired power plants, as nuclear power plants release considerably lower emissions. The argument does not usually go much further than this. Soon, however, the state of Virginia will dig...

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