Manta Ray: The New Red List of Threatened Species

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Photo by Biplab Narendra via flickr Seeing the manta rays have always been a popular tourist attraction. People have described a feeling of marvel and wonder when diving with the rays, and awe at the majesty of the enormity of their size. Yet, as time comes and goes by, this...

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Flagship Species: Thinking Past the Cute and Cuddly

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Photo by f.shelva via flickr When you think of species that are suffering due to human-caused environmental harm, what first comes to mind? It’s likely that you think of a polar bear, or maybe a panda. Maybe even a sea turtle or clownfish (Finding Nemo, anyone?). These are...

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Koch Industries Makes Global Warming Go Away

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More on Those Crazy Kochs From ClimateProgress: The 1% Have a Stranglehold on Politics: New Al Jazeera Documentary Sheds Light on the Koch Brothers (watch the video) From ALECexposed: ALEC Exposed: The Koch Connection And this one's just funny--From ClimateProgress: Irony...

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Interview with Non-GMO Expert, Jeffrey Smith

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This Saturday and Sunday the Green Festival is coming to Los Angeles for the first time ever. As the largest sustainability event in the world, there will be no shortage of informative booths, how-to-workshops, cutting-edge film screenings, green shopping opportunities, and...

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Monsanto or Organic? Who to trust with your food

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(Sources and much more info, linked below this text) In putting together this infographic (I have a larger version of the image if anyone wants it) it struck me that nearly all of the Monsanto endeavors I chose to highlight here, rode the same wave of public opinion. In...

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Tea Party Panda Bears

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More info on Panda Poop Biofuel From Grist: Panda poop could revolutionize biofuels From the American Chemical Society: Panda poop may be a treasure trove of microbes for making biofuels Grist again: Even Tea Partiers don’t think environmental protection kills...

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Protected Areas Aren’t Cutting It: Species Still Declining Despite Conservation Efforts

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Extinct bird species by Barbol via flickr Do you love conservation areas and protected landscapes as much as I do? If so, I’m sorry to tell you the bad news, but they won’t be enough to conserve and restore global biodiversity. A recent Canadian study from the Marine...

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Conservation International Opens Mekong Turtle Conservation Center

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Photo via Conservation International Cantor's Turtle Conservation Project. © Sun Yoeung/Conservation International. The Cantor’s giant soft-shell Turtle, one of the world’s largest and rarest freshwater turtles, has hope for rebounding, all thanks to Conservation ...

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Sustainability for Undergrads: What One Oregon State Teacher is Doing to Inspire Action

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Photo of Oregon State University by Ayric Andy via flickr Summer term at Oregon State University’s Geology 300 (Sustainability for the Common Good) is a condensed four week course. For the students, this means four days a week of class time and a few out of class projects...

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‘Thinking’ Like a Climate Skeptic

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More on the cooling sensation of coal emissions From Treehugger: Without China's Coal Burning The Hottest Decade On Record Would've Been Even Hotter From The Independent: China’s power stations generate ‘future spike’ in global warming From Grist: How to Talk to a...

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