Climate Change Devastates Alaska

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Brooks Range Lake at the Gates of the Arctic in Alaska. Photo by backpackphotography via flickr. Global warming affects may not be immediately apparent to the tourists that visit Alaska’s National Parks every year, but the rangers and scientists that make Alaska their home...

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Exposed: Why the GOP Wants to Eliminate Clean Air Act Provisions

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Whether we can believe this see-through-elephant-trunk footage or not, the possibility that elephants have a triple fitration system within their trunks has to have some credence. Otherwise, why on earth would leading Republicans try to make it easier for big polluters to...

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Crop and Farm Size Linked to Biodiversity Loss

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Photo by Mike's Trailhead via flickr Biodiversity is often affected in more ways than we know about. We know we are losing species by the second, and we are aware of the need to adopt conservation strategies to remediate this. But did you know it has the potential to...

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Bananas on the Verge of Extinction

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Photo by RobertSchodterer via flickr Bananas may soon become an extinct commodity as the Tropical Race Four fungus attacks them around the globe. There are more than a thousand varietals of banana worldwide. In South America alone, they cultivate about 300 varietals....

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Monsanto Voted Worst Corporation of 2010

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Photo by Pro-Soil Ag Solutions via flickr By 38% of the vote, Monsanto beat out big corporations like Chevron and BP for the title of Worst Corporation of 2010, second year in a row. In the midst of the BP disaster, Monsanto’s disapproval rating with voters speaks...

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New Reefs Found In Puerto Rico

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Vibrant blue ascidians found thriving at 50 meters with corals, light green algae, along with red, orange, and brown sponges. Photo by H. Ruíz via NOAA. Off the coast of Puerto Rico, scientists have discovered flourishing and vibrant coral reefs that may give hope for...

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Microorganisms May Save the Ocean

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Photo by Ursula Alonso Manso via flickr Deep bellow the ocean exterior lies the Oceanic crust, which covers about 70 percent of the Earth’s surface. There have been many studies of its geology, however nothing is known about its biology. Initial studies are proving to have...

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AIDS and Environmentalism Share Common Ground

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Photo by ttfnrob via flickr You might be surprised to see an environmental site blogging about HIV/AIDS. I invite you to look closer at the links between environmentalism and this pandemic, for I think you’ll find some common ground. Like any issue that we discuss here on...

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Glowing Trees Could Replace Street Lights

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Photo by evilgreg3000 via flickr In classic literary novels and poetry, trees are often appreciated and worshiped for the naturally protective attributes they provide. Today, though the number of trees gracing the earth is lower-and-lower each year, we can still resonate with...

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Biomimicry: Let’s Ask Nature for the Answer

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Photo by StormyDog via flickr When scientists look for research, we investigate literature and ask knowledgeable questions to look for our next steps. I submit that sometimes, we look too far ahead of us for solutions to our problems, when in fact, the natural world has...

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