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Photo by Merry Wilson The Universe breathes languidly in and out the green sigh of photosynthesis. Drowsy flowers stretch their petals sunward, the morning yearns for noon — straight up. Our star blazes life down upon us. We are whole in this moment. I am...

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CANAL DIARY: A Hymn to Urban Wilderness

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Photo by M. R. Wilson Early morning is my spirit time. I see the world through poet’s eyes and my scars aren’t painful. All things are possible. Two walked: a small woman and a large black dog on a leash and harness. They’d been together on the canal for years. The...

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Canal Prayer

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Photo by M. R. Wilson O power and process that ignite stars, whose same light glows in loving eyes, enfold us this day in your grace. We are your begotten sprung from the Earth, enlivened with Spirit, forged in your Mystery. I’ve felt you...

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Habitat Center #2461

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Photo by Pomsmith via flickr Visiting his grandfather always made Tad uncomfortable. He was a strange old man; well, let’s be honest, he was downright weird. It seemed as though Granddad had gotten stuck in an earlier time, and his weirdness was that he preferred to stay...

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The Green Cube

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Photo by MikeBehnken via flickr He’s been eye to eye with rattlesnakes too long for one to peaceably sit in gray and stay quiet. Fools become trees forced to grow wise, and cast eyes down on humble barefoot passing ...

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Awaiting Equinox

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Photo by Merry Wilson As leaves tremble shimmering in dressy hues of death and cling through drying, the weakening flow of sap and at last, when the breeze is exactly right, fall in spiraling dance, lovely twists and turns, to rest between the gnarling feet...

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Photo by Dr Cullen via flickr Toothbrush tip peeking from a jacket pocket. Multi-knife heft on left belt side, knurled spun-metal mini light balances the right, spare socks, t-shirts, blacks and olive drabs rolled and tamped down in a dusty rucksack - side pockets...

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March Came Softly

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Photo by DMF Photography via flickr March came softly, no lion in winter and I knew dragon’s breath shrouded the canal the green sigh of photosynthesis enveloping secret narratives swallowing grief welcoming odes to joy infrequently as joy comes best in small...

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