Q & A with Radical Ecologist Nance Klehm on Urban Foraging

Q & A with Radical Ecologist Nance Klehm on Urban Foraging

By | May 4, 2012 at 9:21 pm | 5 comments

Photo of Nance Klehm by Ann Summa For Nance Klehm, going for a walk is more then just about getting fresh air and a little exercise. It is about feeling a sense of interconnectedness with all natural and manmade surroundings, including humans, animals, pavement, buildings,...

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Documenting a Grassroots Movement

Documenting a Grassroots Movement

By | April 27, 2012 at 6:53 pm | One comment

In the summer of 2011, a small group of passionate filmmakers set off on a journey around the country to explore the urban farming movement. What they discovered changed how they think about food, community, and sustainability. Growing Cities covers the breadth of the...

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Green Entrepreneur Jill Robbins Heads Sustainable Cookie and Cake Business

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HomeFree founder, Jill, with her son Jill Robbins, founder of HomeFree, a business that makes organic, vegan, gluten-free, ready-to-eat whole grain cookies and coffee cakes free of common food allergens including peanuts, tree nuts, eggs and dairy, saw first-hand the problems...

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April 11, 2022 – Monsanto Saves the World!

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Above:A Humorous Look at Monsanto's Future. Below: A Scary Look at Monsanto's Past. (Sources and much more info, linked below this text) It's apparent that all of the Monsanto endeavors I chose to highlight here, rode the same wave of public opinion. In regards to nuclear...

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Genetically Modified Garden of Eden?

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More on our food and labelling GMOs From Huffington Post: Why We Must Occupy Our Food Supply From Label GMOs: Spread the Word! From EatDrinkBetter: Judge Sides with Monsanto in Lawsuit Joe's cartoon archive, twitter ramblings and StumbleUpon...

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GMO-Tainted Blood Poisons Unwitting Vampires

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Get involved with to help get GMO labelling on the 2012 ballot in California. Success is California should portend success across the rest of the country. We could be the next France...or Hungary. Cartoonist's note: This image will soon be added to my...

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An Bountiful Eco Box

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It’s hard when you are busy with work, friends and family to always stay up on the latest eco-conscious items. Luckily, Conscious Box has your solution. Conscious Box is a monthly subscription service focusing on sustainability, environmental stewardship and social...

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Cress: A Rare Vegetable that Grows in the Dead of Winter

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For Christmas, W and I amassed quite a haul of stuff to make our balcony more exciting. From a wormery to a bird feeder, to a beautiful box of seeds and tips from Allotinabox. I even got a can with a sunflower seed in it. Eating locally just got a whole lot more...

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“FUGMO”: The Anti-GMO Mascot

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Writers, Bloggers, Photographers, Cartoonists, please feel free to place the FUGMO seal of disapproval on any of your anti-GMO work. Readers, you are invited to add the seal to your avatar. FUGMO says: "F U, GMOs!" More on why you too should say F U to GMOs: From Grist: The...

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30 Days of Kombucha: Nature’s Femented Elixir

30 Days of Kombucha: Nature’s Femented Elixir

By | January 2, 2012 at 7:24 pm | 7 comments

Kombucha Kamp is leading a 30 Day Challenge, challenging people far-and-wide to ditch their soda and opt for the ‘booch instead. Now, I haven’t been a soda drinker in ages and have never really been the type to make New Year’s resolutions - especially ones I knew I would...

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