Occupy Big Food

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Photo by Lillyrhoads via flickr The Occupy Movement’s radical spirit continues to spread this week. It is forcing Americans to rethink their relationship to corporations in every aspect of their lives. The movement has quickly become the amplifier for the voices of a...

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Tuna to Greenpeace: Help!!!

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More on unsustainable fishing practices and Tuna From Greenpeace: The Tuna Industry’s Got a Dirty Little Secret From PlanetSave: Annual Quota of Bluefin Tuna Caught in 1 Week GreenPeace again: The harsh reality of longline fishing From SeafoodWatch: Seafood Watch Pocket...

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Healthy Delectables’ Tamar Kagan Dishes on Sustainable Eating

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Tamar Kagan, a lifelong vegetarian, proponent of natural foods, founder and owner of baked goods and healthy diet coaching business Healthy Delectables, teaches her clients to prepare quick, easy, nutritious meals and offers tips to the public with videos on her blog,...

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Interview with Non-GMO Expert, Jeffrey Smith

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This Saturday and Sunday the Green Festival is coming to Los Angeles for the first time ever. As the largest sustainability event in the world, there will be no shortage of informative booths, how-to-workshops, cutting-edge film screenings, green shopping opportunities, and...

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Monsanto’s broccoli (and other business endeavors)

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More on Monsanto's Broccoli, etc... From Grist: Busting Monsanto’s ‘better’ broccoli From EatDrinkBetter: October Unprocessed and Non-GMO Month From me: My collection of Monsanto (GMO) cartoons Joe's cartoon archive, twitter ramblings and StumbleUpon...

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Back to the Land: Why and How to Access Farmer’s Markets

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Photo by Stephen Little via flickr Ever wonder why and where you can buy fresh, locally grown, organic food? Well I have, and I’d like to share what I have found…. Now more than ever, Farmer’s Markets are becoming easier to access. With a cross section of growing...

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Monsanto or Organic? Who to trust with your food

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(Sources and much more info, linked below this text) In putting together this infographic (I have a larger version of the image if anyone wants it) it struck me that nearly all of the Monsanto endeavors I chose to highlight here, rode the same wave of public opinion. In...

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Tea Party Nose Cutters!

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It's certainly good for politicians to listen to their constituents--it doesn't happen enough. But, when their constituents are backed by rich influence, and when their constituents are so woefully close minded, you end up with corrupt politicians, ignorant constituents, and...

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“Don’t Waste Your Food, There Are People Starving in Africa”

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Photo by eightfivezero via flickr I recently read a book called 'Waste' by Tristram Stuart. I found it in the Do The Green Thing office and flicked straight to the glossy pictures in the middle. Brightly coloured images jumped out at me that on closer inspection I found to...

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Agent Orange: Wanted for Destroying the Amazon

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Photo by _suck my kiss via flickr When I was in grade school, I was told that we learn about history so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes twice. Apparently, some people didn’t hear the same message, including Brazilian ranchers who are spraying one of this...

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