Check Out the Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 on The Starfish

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Finalist, Melissa Gerrard

2012 marks the second year that The Starfish has ran its Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 campaign. And for the second time, I’m proud and honoured to showcase 25 individuals who truly know how to make a difference within their community.

For the next two weeks, The Starfish will be showcasing these individuals on a daily basis, leading to an exciting finale where the top environmentalist for 2012 will be revealed.

The applications this year have been marvelous and empowering, reminding me of how much work is being done in the realms of sustainability, ecological conservation, and environmental education. On our list, we’ve got a wide range of specialists that you’re bound to connect with. From a man who biked across Canada to teach children about the environment, to communications specialists and graphic designers that understand the importance of getting messages to the public effectively. Our finalists range from grade 8 students right up to our youthful age limit of 25.

Finalist, Claudia Li

Finalist, Josh Gordon

Pictures of Melissa Gerrard, Claudia Li and Josh Gordon are from  the Starfish Archives.

Check The Starfish daily for new press releases and articles. By opening your eyes to these wonderful youth, you can feel the hope and love for our planet’s future.


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