Could Your Lipstick Be the Kiss of Death?

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For many of us, lipstick is our siren. Our signature go-to beauty product that pulls our entire look together, making us feel beautiful in a pinch. But if careful attention isn’t paid to the ingredients contained in that beloved little tube, we may find ourselves crashed upon the rocks or taken in by the undertow, only to be left to wade through a sea of toxic confusion.

You see, in recent months a study was conducted by UC Berkley researchers, and it turns out having a perfectly primed kisser is not all its glossed up to be.

What they found was that more than 50% of lip products commonly sold in drug and department stores across the United States, contained high levels of extremely toxic metals, with significant potential health impacts.

What’s worse is that women who apply such products to their lips, more than twice per day, could be getting as much as a fifth of their daily recommended doses, according to the study, which was published in Environmental Health Perspectives.

Among the top 20 offenders are some of the most commonly recognized, leading brands sold in drugstores: Cover Girl, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Revlon, Avon, Sonia Kashuk, and Lip Shimmer by Burt’s Bees, which has continued to market their products as “all-natural,” despite its acquirement by Clorox in 2007.

Excessive use of these lipstick brands expose women to a slew of dangerous toxins including chromium, which is a carcinogen linked to stomach tumors, lead, aluminum, cadmium, and manganese.

So what’s a lady to do? Well, first and foremost, avoid these aforementioned brands as if your life was dependant on it. Because, er, it kind of is. And secondly, don’t retire your pucker to a life of pallid solitude just yet. Now that you know what brands of lipstick to avoid, we have compiled a special list of lipsticks, tints and balms — with the help of EWG’s Skin Deep database — you can reclaim as your new, all-natural beauty staple, with little-to-no harmful chemical side effects:

Natural Alternatives

Au Naturale
Beauty Without Cruelty
Herbal Choice Mari
Inika Mineral Lipstick
Maia’s Mineral Galaxy

Liptint and Balms
J.R. Watkins Lip Tint
Jess Organics
Juice Beauty


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