Ecoenstyle: Sustainable Fashion That’s Affordable

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Inexpensive fashion isn’t hard to find these days. But while the latest shoes, scarves and handbags you find at discount stores may be easy on your wallet, they often take their toll on the environment and are created through unfair labor practices. The challenge is finding environmentally-friendly clothes and accessories that are affordable and don’t come from sweatshop labor or harm the earth.

However, there are a few retailers out there that make it easy, and assure that you “can have style and save the planet” at the same time.

Ecoenstyle is one of them. They serve as a one-stop shop for fashionable products from emerging designers, made from sustainable materials at budget-friendly prices.

The company was formed by eco-conscious individuals “who think fashionable products can and should be made from recycled and sustainably produced materials,” according to the website. The group brings a new perspective to shopping for clothes: you can seek out fashion that’s both sustainable and affordable, giving your conscience a rest and getting a peace of mind you’ve never had from your wardrobe before. Plus, you get an interesting story to tell with your new belt made from reclaimed rubber inner tube or your new kicks fashioned out of corks and vegan leather.


Ecoenstyle prioritizes searching for talented new designers and manufacturers who strive to create fashionable and socially responsible products. The company selects its green and stylish clothing and accessories from international manufacturers, street fairs, and the workshops of local designers, to name a few sources.

The products involved are carefully curated based on the compnay’s high standards of quality and manufacturing practices. Want to know more about where Ecoenstyle’s products come from? You can search the website to find the stories and product offerings of designers such as San Diego’s Splaff, which turns old bike tubes into flip flops, messenger bags and more; San Francisco-based Eco Fashions, which saves material such as magazines, candy wrappers and borchures from a trip to the landfill to make beautiful, eye-catching handbags; and Ethletic’s fair-trade cotton sneakers. All designers put fair labor practices at the forefront as well.

Sustainability Creates Affordability

How can a company be conscientious about the use of quality, sustainable materials and fair trade and living wages? Ecoenstyle’s strategy is using sustainability to produce affordability, creating a ripple effect. The clothing and accessories retailer believes that workers should be paid a fair wage, and nearly everyone should be able to afford its products. Then, as more people buy these products, the cheaper and more available new products become. That means more resources will be re-used instead of being thrown away and ending up in landfills, more jobs will be created through small fair trade manufacturing, and demand will financially support more sustainable crops, according to the company.

Additionally, Ecoenstyle’s products are made of durable materials, such as organically grown cotton, sustainably harvested cork, naturally anti-bacterial bamboo, and hemp, which has many uses and doesn’t require pesticides to grow. The products made of recycled materials, including truck tarps from Great Britain, surplus candy wrappers left over from the packaging process and repurposed bike inner tubes, have lived a whole other life before being transformed into new-to-you, fabulous fashion.

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Ecoenstyle is running a back-to-school and end of summer sale through Aug, 31, offering great savings on lots of eco-friendly school gear and summer items. On top of the sale, they  are offering Ecolutionist readers an additional 10% off for one week (through August 26).

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