Go into theBlu for World Oceans Day

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Today is World Oceans Day, where people around the planet celebrate and honor the body of water which links us all. Some are celebrating by participating in beach clean-ups, others by organizing petitions, and some simply by celebrating the oceans’ vitality and beauty. theBlue, however, has opted to reach people through the comforts of their own homes by creating a free app that installs “the ocean” directly onto your desktop/computer screen. But this isn’t like the fishbowl screensaver everyone’s mother or grandmother has had on their computer desktop at some point or another. This app provides aquatic education with clickable fish and plants, offering detailed descriptions on their origins and species. So if you are passionate about our oceans – or World Oceans Day somehow eluded you – this a great way to participate and show some appreciation for the mysterious bodies of water that surround us.

theBlu Video

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Link to free app!


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