Green Pop Music: Pacha’s Pajamas, the World’s First Superhero for the Planet

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It’s 2012 and our kids are constantly being sold on something new – dolls, toys, little kid-sized cars, crazily colored foods and beverages, whatever weird new kid’s meal is being featured by your local fast food restaurant – and it’s a really astounding tidal wave of information that’s being thrown at them. Sometimes I actually have to be told what a new kid-centered gadget does because as an adult, I never see the advertisements for it so I have no idea. Don’t get me wrong – I love media and information, it’s my career and my passion, but I care about what’s being said. As a proud aunt to four beautiful nieces and nephews – six and younger – it’s important to me that what children are being exposed to is positive, educational and empowering.

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Pacha’s Pajamas. Let me tell you about this project, why it’s awesome, and how to get involved.

BALANCE Edutainment has released an educational, thought-provoking and inspirational musical soundtrack that focuses on creative expression, community engagement and dreaming big. After two Kickstarter campaigns, Pacha’s Pajamas, the first volume in the Kids Hop and Conscious Pop musical project, is available for purchase today, September 25th.

The story (told in four story tracks, surrounded by eight pop tracks) follows a city girl, Pacha, on a compelling journey that starts by being the only human invited to a gathering of plants and animals of Mother Earth, prompting Pacha to figure out how to bring balance to the planet. They build a stadium powered by electric eels and host fun-filled acts including an all-bug band called The Beetles, a black-eyed pea rapping for a better world and a beaver named “Just-in-Time.” At the end of the show, Pacha shares an important message for all nature and humanity.

Fresh and innovative, the story is designed to inspire pre-teens and youth to go outside, experience the natural world, use their imagination and engage in their community for social good. Each song includes a call to action, inspiring kids to be “Superheroes for the Planet.”

The project has been lovingly and consciously crafted, including:

  • Profiles of 10 young artists from all over the U.S. and Canada
  • Multicultural and intergenerational participation
  • Contributions, voices, narrations, songs and much more by artists and celebrities including: Yesiin Bey, a.k.a. Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Lester Chambers, Cheech Marin, Lyrics Born, Majora Carter, and the Agape Youth Choir
  • Will be available cross-platform in books, music, games/apps (mobile and web), live theatrical show, concerts, social media, television, film and curricula, to reach and engage your children in a variety of different ways.

The Adults:

The project was put together by BALANCE Edutainment co-founder/CCO Aaron Ableman and CEO/Executive Producer Dave Room. Ableman is an acclaimed author and entertainer who has been heralded in the LA and New York Times, CNN, Montreal Mirror and San Francisco Examiner and has worked through BALANCE Edutainment to raise awareness for our interdependence with nature and connects people who want to make a positive change. Room received his B.S. and M.S. from Stanford University and has spent his time working in a number of innovative fields, including renewable energy and kids entertainment. Citing his daughter Melia as his inspiration, Dave is a Green For All fellow.

The Kids:

Pacha’s Pajamas features young entertainers from all over the U.S. and Canada who are following their dreams of becoming entertainers and making a positive change in the world. The soundtrack features the amazing talents of:

  • Ta’Kaiya Blaney, an 11-year old singer living in Vancouver who is from the Sliammon First Nation of Canada.
  • Jack Zeldin a.k.a. Lil JaXe, a 12-year old rapper from Canada who has used rapping to overcome his lifelong struggle with stuttering.
  • Ashlie Cortez, a virtuostic 13-year old singer from Fairfield, California.
  • Ariana Hernandez, a 13-year old singer, bassist, pianist, and actress from the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Jaheem is an ambitious young boy living in Los Angeles who is on a mission to spread God’s love through entertainment and strives to be a positive influence on the world.
  • Milo McFly is a 14-year old boy born in L.A. who has been involved in acting, singing and entertainment his whole life. He likes to balance his life by focusing on being a good student and a well-rounded contributor to society.
  • Felicity, a.k.a. Little Lissy, started performing at the age of six. With hopes of a career in the music business, she divides her time supporting the plight of homeless animals and running her own safety website that educates kids about child safety, gangs, bullies, violence, and being happy with who you are.
  • MC Fireworks is a bright light in the dark who was taught the art of rapping at just 5 years old by her dad. She’s funky, full of heart and completely unique.
  • Sage, a smart and spirited 10-year old girl from San Francisco, likes to write songs about unity and and her love of nature and the planet.
  • Teana is a fun-loving, outgoing 10-year old girl from Stockton, CA who always speaks her mind and has  a great sense of humor.
  • Jaydee is a 15-year old born and raised in East Bay who has loved dancing, socializing, traveling and having fun since day one.
  • The Agape Youth Choir is a place where all children of every background and sing together. Whether they’re rehearsing, performing, writing or traveling, the AYC is where God makes music – the kind of music that touches your soul. Sometimes jazz, sometimes ancient chants and sometimes hip-hop beats dance their way through the AYC and into the hearts of all who hear.

Why I Care:

I can say I am honestly thrilled about this. My oldest nephew, Hayden, is 6 years old and is a total genius. He’s better at video games and operating an iPhone than I am, he’s quick witted and funny, and he’s a whiz when creating maps, mazes and codes. He’s so smart, and there is so much to tell him about the world. Luckily, he’s curious and he loves to ask questions – just last week we learned why lightning happens, why some bugs sleep during winter, why some things cool down faster than others, and why watering a cactus is different than watering a fern. Living around kids, I have a whole new appreciation for educational shows that teach kids new bits of information and ask them questions – it’s amazing to watch them learn. I am truly passionate about every piece of information that reaches him, because I want it to be good and positive and helpful.

Pacha’s Pajamas was put together to be just that. From the ground up it had a mission and the way they created it with adults who care about the cause of being Superheroes for the Planet along with kids who want to help make that change is fantastic. Moreover, adding story tracks and catchy pop songs that all have a great message for kids is a relevant, effective way to reach children and make getting inspired totally easy. I can’t sit my nephew down and explain to him why recycling is important, why we like to take the light rail instead of drive everywhere, and how shopping for organics is better for the planet because he’s about 8,000% too squirmy for that, but I can put on this CD and let him hear and understand the message for himself. And, like the artists who collaborated on this project to begin with, I can be there for him to help him make positive choices.

Please just go check this out so I can stop gushing – I’ll be here all day. Get involved by purchasing the CD, downloading the e-book, and following the project for more exciting releases in the future. It’s out today!

The album and e-book are available for download here.


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