Handmade Eco-Home Decor

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Photo by Jo Corrall

My boyfriend and I wanted to brighten up our room a little, but didn’t want to spend tons of money. Luckily we both have art and design backgrounds so not only could we make our own frames and art work but we also both had piles of postcards and favorite images that were just waiting to be displayed somewhere. The artwork is a mixture of my art work, paintings and masks from Ghana, and photographs found in the basement of this house (miraculously not eaten by the rats that live down there). There are postcards from Germany, France, Singapore and one vintage one from my Aunt. There is half a watercolor from the vintage market in Greenwich – I felt a bit bad slicing a painting in half but it looks much more interesting as a portion of a picture (pictured below in the cardboard frame). And there is some paper bought in the sale from Paperchase too. A varied mix and by no means is this the end of the wall, it will grow and expand with time (and the purchase of frames). We love it – and our housemates have professed to a green tinge of envy over it too!

I spent months collecting the frames from charity shops (I refused to spend more than £1.50 – mainly to stop myself going overboard) and the larger gilded frames were found in my boyfriend’s workshop at work. We also made two of them – his being substantially better than mine, but I maintain that I’m the artist and he’s the product designer. He designed this fantastic cardboard frame, complete with back flap to slot the image into. It’s made with his usual precision and careful hand.

Photo by Jo Corrall

I, on the other hand, hastily stuck together this magazine frame. The image is then stuck onto some cardboard and taped to the back. I wont compare the two any further, as it’s pretty clear who should be making all the frames from now on. I’ll stick to making bowls and sewing.

Photo by Jo Corrall


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