Hollywood’s Finest are Cleaning up our Oceans

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Photo via The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

The stars on the silver screen and in front of the cameras are idolized and respected by many people across the globe. Lucky for us, many of them also care for the world and the waters we rely on in order to survive as a species.

Philanthropy amongst celebrities is fairly common amongst some of those big names you may already know (think Bono, lead singer of U2). We’ve seen performers rock out at LiveAid and Live8 concerts (1985 and 2005, respectively), all in the name of charity.

But which ones are rocking the marine world with their finances, their power to influence the masses, and even their technical and logistical contributions?

One man you might know for his environmental efforts is Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s been working on awareness campaigns about global warming and has recognized the Oscars for environmental intelligence during their ceremonies (alongside Al Gore). He also serves as the Honorary Chair on the Board of Directors for the Reef Check Foundation, an organization aiming to empower others to save our reefs and oceans.

Singer-songwriter Jason Mraz is also aiming to support our oceans through his contributions to the Surfrider Foundation, a California-based group dedicated to saving our oceans through research and activism.

Another man who assists Surfrider is Jack Johnson (no surprises there!). He’s also working in Hawaiian communities to educate schoolchildren about the environment. Johnson’s also done some work on sea turtle conservation through the Australian Marine Conservation Society, donating sets of tickets to the society’s volunteers.

A celebrity who just might take the top prize as the top environmentalist (in the marine world) is 007 himself – Pierce Brosnan. He’s been working with the Natural Resource Defense Council on a variety of marine mammal conservation issues. Firstly, he assisted in successfully halting a proposal for the development of a salt mine in Baja California, Mexico (the breeding grounds for the Pacific grey whale). Additionally, he’s worked to stop the Navy deployment of sonar systems that increase mortality in whales, seals, dolphins, and other marine mammals. He currently sits as a member of Oceana’s ocean council, and as a Board Advisor to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

With that in mind, I’m sure that other celebrities rise onto the scene and devote their time an efforts to causes that they care for, and I’m sure our oceans won’t be forgotten. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll see a shirtless Ryan Gosling ad asking, “Hey girl, let’s clean up our oceans… together.”


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