Is Your Worldview in Your Rearview?

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Photo by A S Lahiri via flickr

As I get older, I realize that most of the people I grew up with have become more fearful and conservative.

Why is that people return to their roots when things get hard?  Why do they go back to the fundamentals, or better, or worse yet become fundamentalists?

Where I see light and expanding vistas, they see darkness and tunnels.  It is all a matter of perspective I know, but I wonder if we are looking at the same things or facing the same direction.

I recently shared on Facebook all the positive things that the Affordable Care Act will do for people, (my mother already received a check from her insurance company) and I had one of my high school friends vehemently share his disdain for Obama Care.  The list included the fact that adult children can stay on their parents insurance until they are twenty six, (my personal favorite) and that preexisting conditions were a thing of the past (Hooray, who wouldn’t cheer that one).  However, all I got (a good part of it in caps) was that he was afraid that he was going to be taxed.  In truth if one does the math, only about four million people may be taxed; and they will be the ones who can afford it but choose not to purchase health insurance.

I accept that worldviews are a subjective lens in which we perceive, but the truth should not be left to wither in the shadows.  It should be the focal point in which we all focus our love and light.  Myopically peering forth from our frame of reference serves no one.  Tunnel vision only enhances the darkness and distorts the light.  We either open our eyes and face front with open hearts and open minds and accept that perhaps someone else may have a solution, or we continue to look in our review mirrors as she drive into a ditch and careen into a ravine in which we will never crawl out of…

We must put the past in the past and move forward in our evolution as a species or with willful ignorance we choose to annihilate ourselves.

I’d love to buy the world a coke and sing in perfect harmony if it would help us get past the childish disposition of so many because they feel that someone may benefit at their expense.  That is okay with me because that is love.  It is compassion and empathy to help the least of us.  Fear and greed need not rule the day.  Keep what you have if it means that much to you and rail at the light if you must, but I will give till it hurts if need be as I keep my eyes on the prize and the road as I drive off into a new and better day.  My heart is my gps and it never steers me wrong.


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