Living Forever May Be More Attainable Than You Think

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I believe everyone should be an Alchemist, and here is my reasoning:

Transform Yourself, Transform the World!

You may not care so much about the World.  Most people talk a good game when it comes to taking care of our Mother Earth, but their effort is still way behind the curve.

But if you can’t think globally you can still transform locally, starting with yourself.  Why Transforms yourself, you ask?  Well, first ask yourself: “why not?” Then ask yourself: “do I want to live forever?”

If you can’t answer the first question due to a scittering ego that is attempting to prepare an excuse, and is busy marshalling its argument against transformation, then ask yourself the second question:  Do I want to live forever? But, you may be saying to yourself: Yeah…. But… Huh…. What?…

Well the way to do that is simple: Unconditional Love! It is the elixir of life, the water of life, the water vitae.  And most importantly, it will provide us with immortality.  I believe that energy does not die, but rather it transforms.  Unconditional Love is energy of the highest frequency.  Matter is just force that is resonating at a lower frequency.  So by raising your frequency, you can in return extend your life.

Let’s put this another way: the body becomes sick, grows old, and ceases to exist because we choose and will it so. The Placebo Effect is a sense of benefit that is felt by a person that arises solely from the knowledge that treatment has been given. Let these words be your treatment, and know that things are the way they are because your thinking makes them so.  So, abide in the knowledge that your mind is the mind of The All, and that The All would not choose for you to be sick, ill, or to die.

The Ego, is of your construction, and only exists because you choose to believe in it.  It tells you that what you see is real, and so you believe it.  It is your comfort zone, your bubble, and to leave it means certain death.

Time, the past, the future are all illusions.  All there is is The All, and The All is pure unconditional love, and The All is eternal, and all reside within us all.  This moment right now is all there is.  So now choose to be here completely; love unconditionally.  For The All is unconditional Love, unconditionally now.

So when you accept that your are part of the collective,  all within The All, and step outside, nay burst outside of your bubble, and reside in the now and all future nows, you too can live forever, and thus doing so will Transform yourself, and in doing thusly will collectively help to Transform the World.

So, live forever. I am.


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