Not New But Improved: Fixing Old Boots for Winter

By | December 13, 2011 at 6:02 pm | No comments

With winter drawing in and the rain starting to fall I fell upon my yearly dilemma of “what shoes can I wear that will keep my feet dry?” I realize that I don’t like spending lots of money on shoes and clothes, and until this year I tended to go for whatever was cheapest and didn’t think about why it was so cheap. Obviously the quality was poor – and I’d end up buying a new pair the following year – but the cost to the planet from these shoddy shoes never even entered my peripheral mental vision.

So this year I started looking at eco-friendly shoes. I spent a good hour online looking through all the shoes, opening up a hundred web pages and lusting over shoes made from recycled PET, natural rubber and upcycled fabric. Then it hit me. I still have some shoes from last year. What’s more eco-friendly than buying eco-friendly shoes? Fixing my existing boots.

The only problem I have with them is that the sole is slipperier than an oiled up bar of soap. I already live in fear of slipping up (to the point of avoiding slopes if I can – don’t ask, I’m just a very clumsy person) and with these shoes on, my chances of ending up on the floor during the day jumped dramatically to around 80%

So yesterday I took them to the cobblers. Turns out, it’s a really easily fixed problem. Just stick some rough stuff on the bottom. Done.

I’m ashamed that my immediate reaction was, “what can I buy that is better?” rather ┬áthan “what can I do to fix what I already have?” The mend and make do attitude that I have been applying to all other aspects of my life just doesn’t seem to have sunk in to the “clothes buying” compartment of my brain. The consumer inside me lives on, however ethically produced her clothes are. Hopefully these ‘new’ non-slippery shoes will be the thing to kick start my buy-less wardrobe.


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