Old jeans + Old Jeans = New Jeans

By | January 6, 2012 at 6:13 pm | One comment

I thought I would share a little all-consuming activity I did over the holidays. My favourite pair of jeans have always been just slightly too short for comfortable wearing with anything that isn’t an ankle height boot. Luckily for me, the fashion at the moment is slightly too short trousers. However I’ve become increasingly aware that I,  a) I’m not really cool enough to pull off the short jeans look and b) my ankles feel the cold,  rather a lot.

I thought I had solved all my problems when at the Do The Green Thing Swish a few weeks ago I picked up my colleagues old skinny jeans. As with so many pairs of skinny jeans, they fit beautifully when I first squeezed into them but as the day wore on they became less and less skin tight and more loose and unflattering with each minute that passed. I arrived home, saggy bottomed, slack knee-ed and disappointed. I threw them onto the chair and there they slumped for several weeks. I was just reaching the stage where I was going to offer them out to others when a lightening bolt of pure ‘mend and make do’ genius hit me:

One Slightly too Short but Perfectly Fitting Pair of Jeans + One Slightly too Saggy but Good Condition Jeans = the Perfect Pair of Jeans

I cut the bottoms off the saggy pair (which luckily did not have saggy ankles) and sewed them onto my short-but-otherwise-perfect jeans, adding a much needed inch or two in the form of turn ups. I was a bit worried that it might look a bit mismatched but my housemates assured me that they would never have known (had I not flounced into the room and bragged about my supreme sewing skills and demanded that they admire my ‘new’ jeans).

Now I don’t have to worry about cold ankles or endure the horrors of jeans shopping. #Win!

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  1. Jen Chong (6 years ago)

    Great idea! I am gonna try this.


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