EcoXOXO: Put a Little Love in Eco Gift Giving

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Hamper made from repurposed plastic wires

Where did summer go? It seemed to fly by – and with the holidays right around the corner, gift giving will be at the top of many people’s minds.  Luckily, with a little help from New Jersey-based company, EcoXOXO, you can alleviate some of your consumer guilt by purchasing gifts that are not only stylish, but sustainable, renewable, and ecologically  and socially responsible.

EcoXOXO is one of the largest online sources for green products and eco-friendly fashion. Their site contains a wide array of recycled, reclaimed, sustainable and renewable items, with an emphasis on working with Fair Trade companies. Their clothing is from companies with ecological and humanitarian principles aligning with their mission statement of raising consciousness and offering exciting and innovative eco-products.

Bowl made from reclaimed bicycle chains

EcoXOXO is dedicated to lessening the impact of poverty, waste and energy use, reducing the need for landfills and toxins with each purchase. They believe that being conscientious about how products are made, how companies treat their workers and which energy sources sustain our planet are crucial to the planet’s survival. EcoXOXO purchases fair trade items from Cambodia, Tibet, India, Ghana and Uganda. With their dedication to buy from fair trade companies, you are assured that the workers in these countries are being paid fairly for their work. This enables them to sufficient feed, educate and clothe their children. And in addition, when you purchase from EcoXOXO, a portion of the profits are donated back to their local hospitals and humanitarian nonprofit organizations. To be considered a fair trade company, certain requirements must be upheld. Some are specific to humans and the environment and others philosophical. Fair trade rules are a way of ensuring that trading partnerships are based on reciprocal benefits and mutual respect, according to

Fair Trade recycled magazine bracelet made in Uganda

Some of the products are made out of sea glass, bicycle tires, vintage Guatemalan skirts, plastic wires, candy wrappers, construction site netting, old tires, rice sacks and newspapers. Some of my favorites are the hand woven cosmetics bag made from old magazines or the Tootsie Pop wrapper, hand-woven tote, made with fair trade practices in Mexico. Also the recycled traffic sign brief case complete with padded laptop compartment and or the multi eco-friendly recycled rice sack market bag, not only is it made from recycled material but it also limits the use of plastic bags.
Purchasing a gift for the holidays or any special occasion from EcoXOXO insures that you are not only putting a smile on your friend’s face, but also giving back to the people that worked on your gift and the environment.

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  1. Rosemary Sirico (5 years ago)

    I have received beautiful gifts from this company. I also have purchased several items for gifts. Everyone loves their present. They are unique, beautiful and well made.
    And, when you purchase something from ecoxoxo, you are contributing to helping the world!


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