Raise Your Voice to Raise the Debate

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Some environmentalists are calling the 2012 presidential election the most important of our time. The choices are clear – all three of them. But the media only focuses on two.

TreeHugger recently rated the three presidential candidates – President Obama, Mitt Romney, and Jill Stein. While Obama appears to be greener than Romney by far, Stein blows both of them away. If elected, she vows to ban fracking and vehemently opposes developing the XL pipeline and the use of nuclear power. She also proposes an economic recovery plan, which she calls the Green New Deal. Stein sets herself apart from the other candidates in a multitude of ways, including her views on taxes, budgets, workers’ rights, education, marijuana legalization, and health care. So why do we hear so little about her?

The media has created an effective media blackout of her campaign by pretending that she and vice presidential candidate, Cheri Honkala, do not exist. It is both disappointing and disturbing. The American people have more than two choices in 2012, but they would never know that.

Instead, 24-hour news entertainment channels like MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News focus on the spectacles that claim to be Republican and Democratic conventions. They create panels that comment on speeches as if it were the Superbowl. They provide play-by-plays of every hand gesture and vocal intonation delivered by the speaker and note the tiniest reaction of the audience, which boos, oohs, and ahhhs as if Kanye West was performing on stage at the MTV Music Awards. Although, with all of the music acts at the conventions, who would know the difference?

The media supports the American political circus, dumbing down the dialogue that directly impacts our health, freedom, economy, and environment. 2012 has brought the nation a high quality Green candidate whose voice would greatly enhance the national conversation about what direction we, as a people, should go in. While some liberal Americans celebrate how President Obama acknowledged climate change in his acceptance speech, while Romeny told the American people straight up that he has no interest in protecting the health of the planet, Jill Stein’s comprehensive environmental and economic platform are silenced.

Our nation deserves an inclusive election that respects opposing viewpoints. We have real choices in 2012. I, personally, have been writing to mainstream media outlets to include Jill Stein’s voice on their shows. But we can also share articles, links, and event dates.

If you feel that there is more at stake this year than just an economic recovery; if you would like to start the planet on the path to environmental recovery, then I advise you to be vocal. Raise your voice to raise the debate.


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