Recycled Collage Art by Derek Gores

By | January 5, 2011 at 6:01 pm | 2 comments

Art by Derek Gores via

Much in the way that the memories we live are locked away in our minds, the single-use objects we use – which make up a substantial amount of who we are on this earth today – are often distant remnants of forgotten times.  Florida-based artist, Derek Gores, has designed a creative way to take some of these objects and transform them into colorful collage portraits we won’t soon forget by recycling magazines, labels and found materials to complete his work.

“I like my pictures to barely come together with teasing little details. Sort of like how the mind can’t help but wander, even when trying to focus on one thing. In the collages, some of the little bits I use are deliberate, but in most I’m trusting randomness to help build an end result more interesting than I could have planned. One friend calls it a ‘Zen Narrative.”

Over the years Gores has gained national attention for his recycled portraits and his keen eye for natural beauty.


  1. Merry Wilson (7 years ago)

    Brilliant work. I posted to my Facebook profile.

  2. Aubrey (7 years ago)

    Impressive how expression-filled these collages are.


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