Monkee Genes: Hip Line of Jeans that Are Sustainable and Socially Responsible

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I hate jeans shopping. When I find a pair I like I will wear them and wear them until they fall apart. Which my favourite pair just did, and it was entirely my own fault.

I had had them for years. Maybe 5 or 6. They fit perfectly, were comfy, the colour was spot on and they looked great. A year or so ago I noticed that they were a tiny bit too short – that inbetween length that isn’t fashionably short, unless you’re an out and out hipster. So they became my winter jeans that I always wore with boots. Then a few months ago I sewed on the hem of another pair of jeans to keep my ankles warm and my fashion cred from dipping. I then preceded to wear these jeans an average of 6 days a week. A month ago I noticed a few holes appearing in the seat of them. I sewed them up, but the fabric was so worn they ripped again not long after. Stubbornly I refused to stop wearing them and then one evening when I was showing off my gymnastic skills to my housemates, they ripped right across. Clutching my crutch, my heart broke as I realised this was it. I’d killed my jeans. The horror of having to search for a new, perfect pair that not only fit beautifully, but were made sustainably, didn’t hit me until later. The embarrassment of ripping my jeans mid “look how flexible I am” brag, however, hit me immediately. As did the blast of cold air across my bum.

After a few terrifying searches online where I discovered that eco-friendly jeans actually did cost the earth, I found a site selling jeans for under £150. Monkee Genes ticked all the boxes. A British company selling certified organic, fashionable skinny jeans that have never seen the inside of a sweat shop. And they cost £50.

I chose a dark denim pair made from 45% Tencel. This is a type of lyocell which is essentially material made from wood (I know, I know, I’m obsessed with wood!). The wood pulp gets mashed up and strung out into fibers that get made into a fabric. A soft fabric. Perfect for skinny jeans. And the best part? They arrived just in time for Jeans for Genes day so I could look good, feel good and do good!


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