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Naughty Children, Then and Now

Naughty Children, Then and Now

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As seen on Yes! Magazine's website... More on Coal From PlanetSave: In Historic Reversal, US House of Representatives Cling to 20th Century Loyalty to Fossil Fuels — While Saudi Arabia Goes Solar From ElephantJournal: Will Climate Change Cripple Coal & Nuclear Power...

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Carbon Omission

Carbon Omission

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And of course, before the was "OAL" there was "Clean Coal". It's unfortunate that Big Coal has Big Cash to peddle Big BS to further delay little wind, solar, tidal, and geothermal. More on Big Coal BS From Coal Tattoo: Coal PR firm set up state’s anti-Obama meetings From...

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“Mean Joe Green’s” Top 11 Environmental Cartoons of 2011

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With environmental-cartoon topics ranging from Michelle Bachmann to Tim DeChristopher, Breastfeeding to Big Coal, it was an interesting year in environmental cartoons. Follow this link and spend a few minutes looking over what were my eleven most-viewed cartoons of...

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Big Coal Shaping Public School Education–Really!

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This cartoon was inspired by the Washington Post article, "Energy industry shapes lessons in public schools" Big Coal may be molding our youth with pro-coal propaganda, but worry not, Big Coal also offers a "green" video to teachers called “The Greening of Planet Earth,”...

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Controversial Bill Reveals Attack on EPA

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Photo by Zieak via flickr A battle is raging on Capitol Hill over a bill that – among other things - would extend payroll tax cuts to 160 million American workers and extend unemployment benefits. Met with Republican opposition, provisions were added to the bill,...

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Coal “Mine”

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More on all things coal From Coal Mining: Top Recipients (and MUCH more) From Second Nature: Coal-Fired Plants Linked to Asthma (and the disprportionate amounts of coal-related asthma cases in the black community) From Grist: We could replace coal power...

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What the Tea Party is Really Demanding

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If only this group of angry shouters weren't puppets in a larger game. More on what's behind the Tea Party From Grist: Tea Party-backing Koch Industries is major carbon polluter From Open Secrets: Oil and Gas--Influence and Lobbying From Mother Jones: Rick Perry's Dirty...

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Take the Koch Challenge

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More on Koch Industries From SourceWatch: All About Koch Industries From Greenpeace: Koch Industries: Still Fueling Climate Denial (2011 Update) From Daily Kos: Koch Brothers Limerick & Song Challenge From Me: Koch Brothers–Tilting at Clean Energy (cartoon and...

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