The Green Cube

By | September 19, 2010 at 2:32 pm | One comment

Photo by MikeBehnken via flickr

He’s been eye to eye with

rattlesnakes too long for

one to peaceably sit

in gray

and stay


Fools become trees

forced to grow wise,

and cast eyes down

on humble barefoot passing


Wanting nothing more than

to bestow such cultivated

knowledge before they


but with no mouths to


and no muscles to move

limbs frozen,

limbs set in place.

They sway

back and forth,


And they sing,

you can hear them.

And they pat you on the


you can feel them.

He listens to their teachings.

One Comment

  1. MyTreeTV (7 years ago)

    This poeTREE is very deep!
    Who wrote it? Who is tim crowley?

    Sounds like a TREEhugger!

    Guess what I can see! Yes it is a TREE!
    Did you ever hug a tree? Why don’t you tell me your TREE-STORY?
    The person who writes the best TREEhugger-story until 24th of December 2010 will win a BAO t-shirt! and maybe more… 😉


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