Unity in Diversity is the Key

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Photo by annkelliott via flickr

The greater is present in the lesser, and the lesser is the greater.  If you look at a section of leaf, and hold the leaf at a distance you see the same colors, patterns, shapes etc…  You look at the tree that the leaf came from, and you see the same details.  You back out and see the forest and the trees and in both you see the same colors, patterns, shapes and all the details, and in the overall forest, you see the same.  THE ALL is all, and all is in THE ALL.

As people, we are all made of the same stuff. We have the same basic needs, wants and desires, and share the same earthly experience.  When you believe you are having an original thought, go Google it. Sorry, someone has already had it.  It is all just variations on a theme.  Yes, we are all different like snowflakes, however in our differences, too, we are all alike.

Jung’s Collective Unconscious is the idea that on a soulular, subconscious level we all understand and recognize the same symbols, and are all connected to the same network of thoughts, feelings, dreams and desires.  We are all cells in the collective body that is mankind.  We share one mind: The Universal Mind that is the mind of God.

Your Mentality is your Reality.  Your world outside is what’s going on inside.  The Alchemical axiom goes: “As Above, so Below, as Below, so Above.”   So it goes to say that: “As Without, so Within, as Within, so Without.”

There are so many variables in every conceivable thing that is conceivable that in the end you have and receive what you desire.  In Unity there is strength, and in Diversity there is choice.  When we choose to be United, and how we choose to get there is Diversity, because we are all one you and I, and no matter how we try to build walls, there is no separation; there is just our egos keep us apart.  For if we all realized that we are all one there would be no ego, no drive for the survival of the fittest; just a group spirits sharing the same earthly experience.

The Master Key to living an actualized, realized life is liberating oneself from the illusion that this is a prison planet populated with individuals.   When you can see the light that is shining in others that is the pilot light of your very own Soul then all will be revealed, and unveiled.


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